Wisdom Wednesday Part Trois

In September, I was lucky enough to land an all-expense-paid trip to attend Inbound 2015 in Boston, Massachusetts.

It was a great experience. I learned a lot from the speakers and sessions — when the line-ups weren’t crazy and I could actually squeeze into an encore session.

One of the must-see speakers on my list was Tara Hunt, aka Miss Rogue. Continue reading


Oreo Is At It Again With #WonderCarols

Nabisco, the makers of Oreo cookies, are always trying to engage their customers with fun and witty experiences.

This holiday season they are encouraging people to use the hashtags #wondercarols and #promotion to share their favourite holiday memories on their social media channels. 

Their memories could be immortalized in their very own #wondercarol video and promoted by the company.

And, people are already jumping onboard with their tweetsContinue reading


What Johnnie Walker Can Teach You About Telling a Great Story

Johnnie Walker has always embraced storytelling to add a richness and depth to their brand.

Known for their smooth, top-shelf, Scotch whisky blends, the company has only added to their brand awareness by cultivating a strong voice and capturing the imagination of their customers.

Johnnie Walker’s first long form video ad appeared in 2009. It featured Robert Carlyle walking toward the camera while telling the long history of the brand — from conception to international acceptance and undeniable brand recognition. Continue reading


Create a Simple Story

Sometimes, the thought of creating a story that will resonate with people can be intimidating — and seem downright impossible.

But overthinking your story is usually what kills it. We worry too much about the likes, follows and ROI that we forget about the people we are actually trying to reach.

Or we worry too much about being vulnerable and taking chances that we stick too close to guidelines and produce only stale over-regulated and under-interesting snippets of disconnected content.

The truth is, people share things they find familiar, emotional, or contain practical value.

It’s really simple.  Continue reading


Another Wisdom Wednesday

I’ve long admired the digital agency Brain’s on Fire. Beyond the spectacular work they do, their company culture just seems so ingrained and genuine.

I can’t even remember how or when I heard of the company. All I know is they inspire me.

Whether they are publishing intriguing blog posts, sharing their company culture and insights on Instgram, or publishing books, they seem to have a unique understanding of brand storytelling.  Continue reading


Book Review: The Story Factor

I own too many books about marketing and branding. I swear my corner office is slowly sinking into the foundation because of the accumulated weight of the books on my shelves.

It’s just something I’ll have to live with though, because I can’t imagine cleaning out my collection and possibly never flipping through a 400 page book that has that one great passage on page 163.

The same can be said for a lot of books about marketing. If you’ve read one, you can probably surmise what the rest contain – a slight variation on universal marketing principles.

Some books stand out from the rest though. And, The Story Factor by Annette Simmons is one of them. Continue reading


Wisdom Wednesday

I spend a lot of time during the week researching digital strategies and brand storytelling.

Sometimes, when reading blog posts or news articles someone will explain something so succinctly that I can’t actually explain it any better than they have already.

So, I decided to come up with Wisdom Wednesdays (which I didn’t google to find out if someone is already using it, so don’t sue me). 

On Wednesdays, I’m going to share wisdom from someone who is passionate about helping brands understand what brand storytelling is, or how it can help your business. Continue reading